FEATURED PROJECTS - Halesowen college

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Job Value 1.3 million

It's an exciting time for Halesowen college, and Fuselek Ltd are proud to support and provide the solutions needed to meet their high standards.

We delivered a brand new reception area which included the building, landscaping and design of the surrounding environment. Car parking and lighting helped to fully utilise the space available and create an impressive first impression of the college.

A complete refurbishment of block 3 incorporated many of the vast services Fuselek Ltd can offer. Our unique full turn key solution provided new class rooms, corridors and science lab, which were designed, wired, plastered and decorated to showcase Halesowen college’s vision for the future.

Innovative partitioning and design provides a fresh and exciting look to block 8. A new refectory and outside seating area has given students more room to eat and socialise. LED lighting complete the look, and help save energy in an area which is in constant use.

Fuselek Ltd wish to thank Halesowen College for the opportunities it has given, and look forward to working with them again in the future.

All photographs below are taken by us from ongoing or completed projects

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